Type: Telecom Software
OS Supported: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
GSM &CDMA Support: Yes
4,8,16,24 Ports: Yes

Robo Recharge has given a hassle free total solution to our recharging agent friends. Now they can redesign their recharge outlets in a broader sense. The magnificence of the service is that a recharging agent can recharge any mobile, DTH payment and other services from a single mobile with a single SIM and get instant response. This is the first software of its kind to allow turn-key solution for its clients. The remote clients which are registered with our system can send recharge requests to Robo Recahrge Software through a simple SMS. These remote clients do not require any E-recharge SIMs or GPRS handsets for recharging. The system automatically recharges the mobile or DTH after receiving the recharge requests from the agent and at the same time responses are sent back to the customer through SMS.

Some of the key features of Robo Recharge (Multi Recharge Software) are-

  1. Support All levels like Admin, Distributors and Retailers management.
  2. SMS based and Menu based (STK) recharging.
  3. Set operator wise margins.
  4. Live balance display of each operator.
  5. SMS based control of all services.
  6. Start or Stop operator services using Admin Sim.
  7. Help, Balance inquiry, Mini Statements details using sms.
  8. Balance transfer using sms.
  9. Support for website integration.
  10. Best software of its category.

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